Our values are clear, our mission cristal clear

Our values are clear, our mission cristal clear

Sustainable changes often take time. You have to be strong, flexible and firm at the same time.

Our mission

Our mission

Our primary mission is to provide emergency assistance to children and their families in vulnerable situations during an abduction, a runaway or an undetermined disappearance.

This achieved through the 116 000 hotline as well as collaboration with the police.

Our secondary mission is to provide a global analysis of the improvements that can be made to co-existing systems in order to resolve the problem of the disappearance of minors.

We contribute to the evolution of the social and judicial system by offering specialised expertise in this field. Our action intervenes in a preventive way as well as following the disappearance of a child in Switzerland.

We are there for you around the clock
To listen to you and support you
To inform and advise you
To refer you to appropriate services
To help your child upon return

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Core Values

Core Values

The child, our top priority
The protection of the child's interests is the focus of our interventions. It is always our lighthouse in rough seas.

Efficiency and speed
In an emergency, we know who to mobilise first. We are ready to act and handle each case with diligence and professionalism. We will not give up as long as children are missing.

Impartiality and compassion
We act in a benevolent manner by trying to avoid any judgment. We accept that everyone is different and deserves the same quality of support.

We consider assistance to victims of disappearance as a team effort, whether with our Internet community, with other organisations or with the authorities. We seek to develop sustainable and constructive partnerships and work to create a support network that can be activated in the event of a disappearance.

Fields of activity

Fields of activity

Runaways represent the most common form of disappearance in Switzerland. We accompany the young person who has left home and support their family in coping the wait for their return. We also offer emergency assistance so that the whole family can envisage this return more serenely.

The runaway concept is not clearly defined in terms of duration and is often treated as not theoretically particularly dangerous for the teenager, which is theoretically inaccurate…

Parental abduction is established when a child's habitual residence is displaced by a parent without the consent of the other legal representative.

When it comes to international parental abduction, we work with the International Social Service in Geneva.

Third-party abduction is the form of disappearance that is considered to be the most worrying. We have practically no information on this type of disappearance in Switzerland.

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Sensitising and lobbying are the first steps towards raising awareness among the public and its officials. We alert public opinion to the phenomenon of disappearances of minors and participate in a global reflection on this issue with our authorities.

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