At the origin, there is a double disappearance

At the origin, there is a double disappearance

The disappearance of Alessia and Livia 6 years old. All (r)evolution begins this way.

    Dissemination of prevention materials and awareness raising on social networks.

    1. The disappearance of children fleeing war in Ukraine. POSTER The danger of spreading naked pictures VIDEO 3. Let's get involved on May 25th. POSTER

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  2. THE LAST MILE is the hardest to walk back home for a runaway. New collaboration between the Éducateurs de rue Romands (TSHM) and Missing Children Switzerland. See the news. Voir la news.

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    to Malika, Alice, Beatrice & Carole

    The first friendly voice you hear when you call 116000! Our 4 reception volunteers have spent 2 years serving children and families in vulnerable situations. BRAVO!

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  4. Presentation of our work at the 116 000 hotline at the annual meeting of the Swiss Crime Prevention Officers (SKP/PSC) in Basel.

  5. Workshop Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). Nine "Country Officers" accompanied by their director Mrs. Périllard visited our office in Pully. We welcome this delegation for a workshop on communication and sharing of best practices.


    Evaluation study conducted by the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) on the implementation of the Federal Act on International Child Abduction.

    20.4448 Po.Feri - Missing Children Switzerland is a consultant in the expert group.

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  7. ALERTA21

    Participation in the abduction alert exercise at the Vaud Cantonal Police.


    1. Awareness-raising video proposed by all 116 000 hotlines "WE ARE HERE 4 YOU" 2. The "FOOTBALL CARES" operation, set up by the ICMEC organisation and AS Roma, brought together more than 200 major clubs around the cause of disappearances. 3. Prevention campaign against grooming CHECK B4 YOU CHAT 4. Creation of an information video 116 000 SWITZERLAND.

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  9. POL CANT - Vaud Cantonal Police
    Meeting with Commandant Jacques Antenen to discuss the framework for collaboration between Missing Children Switzerland and the PCV

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  10. L’opération « Football Cares », mise sur pied par ICMEC et l’AS Roma, réunissait plus de 200 clubs majeurs. Des avis de disparition, dont certains émis par Missing Children Switzerland, ont été massivement relayés sur la Toile devant une audience de près de 400 millions de followers.

    Avis Roma
  11. Création du poste de Pilote ligne d'urgence et recrutement de bénévoles qualifiées. Leur travail consiste à recueillir les informations essentielles lors d'un premier appel au 116 000 et de les transmettre à un-e Conseiller-ère.

  12. Participation à la formation "First responder missing children training" et à la conférence "11th Global Missing Children's Network Conference" à Lisbonne au sujet de la collaboration entre les polices et les ONG. Les polices du Chili, du Canada, Équateur, UK, Espagne, Hollande, Italie étaient présentes pour évaluer les avancées en la matière dans chacun de ces pays.

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  13. Formation chez Child Focus, en Belgique, référence européenne en matière de disparition de mineurs dont l’ensemble des actions sont officiellement reconnues par l’État belge.

    Child focus
  14. Publication of the List of Issues Prior to Reporting by the Committee on the Rights of the Child. We reported on the lack of progress in the development of statistics on the disappearance of minors. The Confederation and the Cantons must answer these questions until 15 October 2020 in the form of a state report. In 2014, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has made recommendations to Switzerland regarding the absence of data on minors in vulnerable situation

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  15. Icmec
  16. The French-speaking police forces* accept collaboration and become partners. They undertake to relay information about our free support service to parents following the disappearance of their child.

    *With the exception of the Geneva police

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  17. International Day of Missing Children. Charity diner "Cornettes & Grenadine". Twenty restaurants join this event. 1+2

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  18. We join the Swiss network for the rights of the child

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  19. International Missing Children Day. "Cornettes & Grenadine" charity diner 1st edition

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  20. The Conseil Federal proposes to reject the motion "Improvement of statistics on minor disappearance". This motion was liquidated without being processed

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  21. Launch of the national digital campaign "116 000 - missing children hotline"

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  22. Assignment of the official number 116 000 by the Federal Office of Communication -OFCOM

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  23. On the occasion of International Children’s Rights Day, MCS is organising a dinner-debate on the theme "Immature parents, adult children: the phenomenon of runaway and the disappearance of minors in Switzerland" with the participation of psychoanalyst Gisèle Harrus-Révidi, author of the eponymous book Parents immatures, enfants adultes: le phénomène de la fugue et la disparition des mineurs en Suisse; lawyer and criminologist Pierre-Yves Brandt, along with Geneva State Councillors Luc Recordon and Pierre Maudet.

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  24. Following the launch of its campaign, MCS is collaborating with RTS's "La Mise au Point" program to create the report entitled "Jeunes en fugue" (Young runaways).

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  25. Release of the book on Irina Lucidi "Mi sa che fuori è primavera" (It seems to me that it is spring outside) written by Concita De Gregorio (Ed. Feltrinelli, Milano, IT).

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  26. Launch of the national awareness campaign FUGUE: CHAQUE MINUTE COMPTE (RUNAWAYS: EACH MINUTE COUNTS) to warn the public against the disappearance of children in general and teenage runaways in particular.

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  27. Publication of the first study on the disappearances of minors in the canton of Vaud by Pauline Volet & Marcelo F. Aebi, UNIL, Institute of Criminology and Criminal Law.

  28. Geneva State Councillor Luc Recordon tabled the Postulate for the improvement of the abduction alert. National Councillor Mathias Reynard tables the Postulate for the improvement of the abduction alert.

    Luc Recordon
  29. Launch of the national awareness campaign ALL FOR ONE for an effective disappearance alert following the results of research commissioned from the University of Lausanne on the various abduction alert systems in Switzerland and abroad.

  30. For the first time in Switzerland, MCS plays an active part in the International Missing Children Day.

  31. MCS becomes a member of Missing Children Europe

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  32. Activation of the 0848 116 000 hotline, operating 24/7 in 4 languages (FR, GER, IT, EN).

  33. Irina Lucidi, mother of the twins, creates the Missing Children Switzerland Foundation. Official launch of MCS on 7.10.2011.

  34. Disappearance of Alessia and Livia in St-Sulpice.

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