The last mile can be the hardest to walk...

About twenty "extra muros Social workers (TSHM)" from the French-speaking part of Switzerland met on 9 May 2022, for a day of exchange and sharing of good practices. Missing Children Switzerland was also there!

Parental abductions: beyond indifference

Parental abductions are often given little consideration and are subject to a surprising silence from the authorities. Yet parental abduction is an abduction.

Two years! Proudly holding up, congrats to our volunteers!

The very first friendly voices you hear if you have to call 116 000 are the our "Hotline Pilots".

Sharing good practices

Missing Children Switzerland received a delegation of eight people from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Divorce: the child's protection above all

In Valais, a pilot project is trying to tackle the disastrous consequences that can result from a dialogue breakdown between parents who are in the process of separation.

Vaud: a big step for the abduction alert

Missing Children Switzerland took part in a full-scale exercise with the Vaud cantonal police. A promising partnership to tackle the missing people phenomenon.

Child Focus, a model that Switzerland should follow

To ensure its mission, the Belgian organization works hand in hand with local authorities. In Switzerland, we are still far from it.

When the big names of football join the cause

Last May, more than 200 prestigious clubs massively shared notices of disappearance on social networks. A look back at an unprecedented operation.

Abuse and disappearances: two closely related phenomena

Today is the International Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. It is an opportunity to recall that this scourge is very often the vector of disappearances.

The tip of the iceberg

In 2019, the Federal Office of Justice (OFJ) registered 71 requests regarding parental abductions originating in Switzerland.

Interview for the TEMPS PRESENT – RTS television programme

The theme of runaways is approached with respect by the RTS team which also followed us in Belgium.

Five days with the Portuguese Judicial Police - Lisbon 2019

The Portuguese police is an example for Switzerland in terms of collaboration between the police and NGOs working together on the problem of children's disappearance.