Meet the volunteer hotline “Pilots”

Carole, Alice, Malika and Béatrice are the first friendly voice you'll hear if you dialthe 116 000 hotline number. Our team answers your calls 24/7.

Interview for the TEMPS PRESENT – RTS television programme

The theme of runaways is approached with respect by the RTS team which also followed us in Belgium.

Five days with the Portuguese Judicial Police - Lisbon 2019

The Portuguese police is an example for Switzerland in terms of collaboration between the police and NGOs working together on the problem of children's disappearance.

You can make a difference!

Make a difference by joining our team. We are recruiting volunteers first responders - "Pilots" for the hotline

- IFC 2019 - International Fundraising Conference

Missing Children Switzerland took part in a workshop led by Ajay Mehta and Donna Reitano

Training at Child Focus

While in Belgium, we visited our counterparts at Child Focus, a European benchmark organisation in the field of missing minors.

Missing Children makes its voice heard in Brussels!

We were in the European Parliament to support the memorandum "Missing Children: European institutions can make a difference".

Statistics in Switzerland: a mixture of stupefaction and incomprehension

Rejected by the Federal Council, the parliamentary motion related to "Improving statistics on missing children" ended up. being dropped.

Instagram: a practical tool in case of runaways

We put ourselves out there for young people via this social media and initial feedback is promising.

Child rights in Switzerland: worrying gaps

We participated in the preparation of the 2020 report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Irina Lucidi at IMD: Interview on resilience

Our president was invited by Professor George Kohlrieser to the IMD in Lausanne to share her journey of resilience.

ICMEC, a network in the vanguard of the Web

By joining this network, our foundation has a powerful tool to analyse the Web and collect valuable information in the event of disappearances.