Irina Lucidi at IMD: Interview on resilience

Our president was invited by Professor George Kohlrieser to the IMD in Lausanne to share her journey of resilience.

ICMEC, a network in the vanguard of the Web

By joining this network, our foundation has a powerful tool to analyse the Web and collect valuable information in the event of disappearances.

A baby abducted at birth

We have helped a mother track down her daughter. Elisabeth and her daughter Valerie have seen each other again after 50 years of separation!

International Missing Children’s Day

This year, 21 restaurant owners also participated in this awareness day.

An invitation from Frédéric Vuissoz - Director of the SPJ / Vaud

During the annual plenary meeting of the SPJ, we presented the emergency support work we do in cases of missing minors.

Fribourg police join the ranks

After Valais, Vaud, Jura and Neuchâtel, we have put in place a new collaboration with the Fribourg cantonal police

New collaboration with the Neuchâtel police force

A meeting with the Neuchâtel cantonal police made it possible to forge new links and establish an agreement in the event of disappearance in the canton.