Irina Lucidi at IMD: Interview on resilience

Irina Lucidi at IMD: Interview on resilience

Our president was invited by Professor George Kohlrieser to the IMD in Lausanne to share her journey of resilience.

Irina was interviewed on 5 September 2019 by American Professor George Kohlrieser at a conference entitled "Finding Inner Strength and Resilience".

Before an audience mainly made up of business executives from several countries, our president spoke about the disappearance of her daughters Alessia and Livia in 2011, explaining how she made this event a force to move forward and embark on new projects such as the creation of Missing Children Switzerland.

As a reminder, it was because she observed the absence of a support structure for people affected by a missing child that Irina decided to create the foundation.

We would like to thank the IMD in Lausanne for this invitation, which made it possible to present the issue of disappearances of minors in Switzerland to influential actors from all over the world.