Parental abductions: beyond indifference

Parental abductions: beyond indifference

Parental abductions are often given little consideration and are subject to a surprising silence from the authorities. Yet parental abduction is an abduction.

The fact that a father or mother is the abductor does not change the consequences on the safety and well-being of a child.
It isn't easy for the authorities to understand what is going on, to decide when and how to respond.

But it is inherently wrong to assume that a child is safe if he or she is with his or her mother or father.


Popular mobilization has already been proven an asset when it comes to finding missing children.
Whether we are talking about an abductions or a runaway, Missing Children regularly calls out on its Internet users to help.

The impact of their efforts are sometimes successful, because it sends a strong message.
Both to young runaways to remind them that they count for a lot and that the community is mobilizing for them, and as a preventive measure for parents who sense that something is going on or who might themselves be tempted to disappear with their child.


Missing Children Switzerland was founded after a parental abduction in which communication was severely lacking. We therefore know that the public must be mobilised to maximise the chances of finding a child.
The authorities must move towards accepting that a missing child is everyone's business. The authorities, the media, the public...


That the authorities take a stand for child victims of parental abduction or runaway by posting a profile, indicators and a photo on an official page of the federal website.