Two years! Proudly holding up, congrats to our volunteers!

Two years! Proudly holding up, congrats to our volunteers!

The very first friendly voices you hear if you have to call 116 000 are the our "Hotline Pilots".

Always keeping up a great spirit, our volunteers have worked to support the hotline with an impressive regularity, day and night.
They looked for the best available professional counselor to help out each caller.

Carole, Alice, Malika and Béatrice joined our team in December 2019. 

Not only did they share the 24-hour duty hours, but they also attended our workshops and took the time to participate in the monthly "Cockpits", which are taking place in evenings with the whole team.

What would we do without them?

The essence of volunteer activities lies in the boundless goodwill that lies within us.
According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office: "One person in five devotes himself or herself to at least one volunteer activity within the framework of organisations or institutions, which represents approximately 1.4 million people in Switzerland..."

A MILLION THANKS to our "Pilots", thanks to their loyalty, perseverance and radiant personalities, hundreds of families have been able to find a cohesive team, ready to offer caring support in a difficult time.
And a big thank to all the volunteers in the world for bringing to life what is most beautiful in our humanity.