Sharing good practices

Sharing good practices

Missing Children Switzerland received a delegation of eight people from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Dealing with a topic as delicate as the complex relations with families of missing children is not an easy task. These formal exchanges are a necessary basis to carry out our respective duties in perfect complementarity.

This workshop allowed open communication about the difficulties we all face on a daily basis.

The Missing Children team, included a professional mediator, a hotline counselor and the foundation's director, who shared their tools to address some of the difficulties that can arise when caring for families in vulnerable situations.

This day concluded with applying the tools learned in a session of role-playing, and was greatly appreciated by all participants.

Public/private alliance

According to European standards, here is what a citizen can expect from a collaboration between a public service and a specialized NGO which, together, do everything possible to take care of a family facing parental child abduction.

We would like to warmly thank Mrs. Périllard, Head of Consular Protection and all the participants of the Consular Department for their willingness to join efforts aligned to serve a common goal in complementarity.