- IFC 2019 - International Fundraising Conference

- IFC 2019 - International Fundraising Conference

Missing Children Switzerland took part in a workshop led by Ajay Mehta and Donna Reitano

During the 2019 International Fundraising Conference (IFC Holland), the em4 social enterprise facilitated three workshops on the key actions needed to create organisations with sustainable social impact.

Missing Children Switzerland participated in these workshops moderated by Ajay Mehta and Donna Reitano, co-founders of em4. Ajay and Donna, they chose to present Missing Children Switzerland as "an excellent case study for good governance, visionary leadership and a well-planned and executed fundraising strategy".

A workshop participant summed up Missing Children Switzerland's work as "the actions of an entire ministry conducted within a small organisation".

Missing Children Switzerland worked with Ajay and Donna in the Resource Alliance Emerge programme in 2018.