International Missing Children’s Day

International Missing Children’s Day

This year, 21 restaurant owners also participated in this awareness day.

For the second year in a row, we offered the public the opportunity to meet and share a moment around a plate of pasta.

This meal was first and foremost aimed at pleasing children, so our theme was "Cornettes & Grenadine" (macaroni and grenadine cordial).

The restaurant owners who also got involved in the project took the time to spread the news regarding our 116 000 hotline and the information regarding the free service linked to this number.

This meal was also intended to support the work we do on a daily basis and the hosts of the event jointly raised CHF... (link below) in 2019.

A benefit meal on the "Cornettes & Grenadine" theme can be organised by anyone wishing to make a donation to the foundation, at any time of the year and when it best suits them.

Facile! -> Voici comment organiser un repas de soutien "Cornettes & Grenadine" entre amis ou au bureau!