New collaboration with the Neuchâtel police force

New collaboration with the Neuchâtel police force

A meeting with the Neuchâtel cantonal police made it possible to forge new links and establish an agreement in the event of disappearance in the canton.

Collaborating with the police is vital if we are to be able to carry out our mission as effectively as possible, regardless of the canton in which we operate.

This is why we recently met with a delegation from the Neuchâtel cantonal police, including Pierre-Louis Rochaix, Deputy Commander, Sami Hafsi, Chief of the Judicial Police and Commissioner Philippe Bongard.

This meeting allowed us to discuss a recent case of disappearance in the Canton of Neuchâtel, a case that we and the police followed completely separately. We reviewed the work done on both sides, what had been done and what could have been done better if we had collaborated more.

We also attended a presentation on the functioning of the Neuchâtel police force in the event of a disappearance, the aim being to define where Missing Children Switzerland could be integrated into this process.

The session ended with an agreement in principle regarding the promotion of our services by Neuchâtel police officers. In the future, people in need of emergency emotional support should be more oriented towards our foundation and our communication materials should be distributed to them.

We would like to thank all those present at this meeting for these very constructive discussions. It is extremely important to realise that our work is in no way intended to replace that of the police, but that it may be complementary to it according to our respective areas of competence.